Cellular Therapy

Benefits of Borage Oil

What is Borage OilBorage Oil is extracted from the seeds from the Borago Officinalis starflower which is native throughout Europe and Asia. They are currently sold in the form of oils or nutritional supplements such as capsules or softgels. Due to its therapeutic potential, Borage oil has gained substantiative interest among global research groups. It …

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Benefits of Dendrobium

What is Dendrobium  Dendrobium belongs to the orchid plant family. This type of orchid is found in Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, India, and other temperate and tropical regions. Dendrobium plants have been traditionally used in Chinese medicine. They are among the extensively cultivated orchids as their extract is known to nourish the stomach, …

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Benefits of Grape Seed

What is Grape Seed All over the world, people enjoy eating grapes and adding them to their salads and desserts. Besides enjoying their sweetness and great taste, grapes provide us with great health benefits. The leaves and sap of grapes have popularly been used for treating multiple diseases in Europe. However, the grape seed extract …

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Benefits of Lycopene Oil

What is Lycopene Oil Antioxidants are miraculous molecules that protect the body cells from harmful molecules known as free radicals. These harmful molecules can disrupt the mechanism of cells in the body by causing oxidative stress. However, oxidative stress can develop diseases such as type 2 diabetes,  heart disease, and cancer. Luckily, nature has gifted …

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